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I live in a homestay, and as a result I live a bit outside of the city center. As a general rule, if you live in a homestay you will commute, keep that in mind when choosing housing options. I live a 5 minute bike ride from the train station. The train comes every 10 … Continue reading Commuting

Core Course Week

I just finished my core course week. This is a time where you don’t have any of your elective classes, instead you’ll spend a week focused on your core course. As part of this experience you’ll travel to a relevant destination. For Psychopharmacology, we traveled to Malmo, Sweden. Each day we had a we visited … Continue reading Core Course Week

Field Studies

Part of the DIS coursework includes study tours, and then you will also travel with your core course class to go somewhere and do something that isn’t offered in the traditional classroom setting. This is one of the key things that drew my to DIS. Back at my home college, nearly all of the class … Continue reading Field Studies

Family in Denmark

This week I want to reflect a bit on the idea of family, and compare what I know so far of the cultural differences between the US and Denmark.  This sparked from a conversation I had with my host dad.  He was shocked to learn that I go to college in Maine which is around … Continue reading Family in Denmark

Leaving The States

I got home from fall semester on the 21st of December depleted and exhausted. My break was a fast few weeks, but I feel restored and re-energized. I have been able to spend some great time with friends and family before getting ready to go away. As I filled out the forms, selected classes and … Continue reading Leaving The States


Hi, my name is Andrew and I am currently a junior at Bowdoin College studying Neuroscience and Sociology. I will be abroad for the spring of 2020 at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, and my core course is Psychopharmacology: Substances and the Brain. If you have any questions about DIS and my experiences please … Continue reading Introduction

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